31 May 24

Howard Tenens Logistics Named Finalist for UKWA Customer Service Award

We are thrilled to announce that we have been named a finalist for the UKWA Award for Excellence in Customer Service. We are proud to be recognised for delivering outstanding customer service with Beavertown Brewery and creating mutual value, even in a year marked by significant challenges.

Delivering Mutual Value in Challenging Times

Our partnership with Beavertown Brewery represents our dedication to customer service. In an environment of inflations and fluctuating volumes, we have maintained our focus on understanding and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Regular communication and collaboration with Beavertown Brewery have allowed us to adapt and innovate, ensuring seamless operations and compliance with regulatory changes.

Excellence in Customer Care

Our onsite team members have been instrumental in driving success. One member in particular, Clancy Soares, has been crucial to our success via her meticulous management of the transition from Duty Paid to Bonded storage for Beavertown. Her efforts not only ensured a smooth transition but also earned her our internal ‘Make a Difference’ annual award.

“At Howard Tenens Logistics, our goal is to deliver mutual value through great people, collaboration, and technology. Our partnership with Beavertown Brewery exemplifies our commitment to excellence.” — Matt Davis, Commercial Director, Howard Tenens Logistics.

Driving Business Growth Together

Our collaborative approach has been a cornerstone of our mutual growth with Beavertown Brewery. By integrating advanced technologies and efficient processes, we’ve transformed their stock inventory management and streamlined operations. Our flexibility in space management and capacity planning has enabled us to handle significant increases in volume, showcasing our ability to scale efficiently in response to rising demand.

Proactive Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

Beavertown benefit from an assigned contract manager, ensuring clear communication and prompt resolution of any issues. Regular reviews with Beavertown cover various aspects of our partnership, from forecasting to performance evaluations as well as updates on our team, enabling us to continuously improve our service and build relationships.

Commitment Beyond Business

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond business metrics. We actively engage in relationship-building activities, such as participating in on-site events and supporting community initiatives. We update Beavertown with key team activities onsite. This includes sharing updates on qualifications obtained by team members, participation in fundraising campaigns, and celebrations of significant events such as International Women’s Day. These initiatives build a sense of community and partnership beyond the confines of business transactions.

Beavertown actively participates in our internal communication efforts, attending on-site town halls and providing valuable feedback. Their involvement ensures alignment of goals, conveys transparency, and promotes a shared understanding of challenges and opportunities. This holistic approach strengthens our partnerships and fosters a sense of community and mutual respect.

Celebrating Success Together

Our shared success with Beavertown was celebrated at the UKWA awards ceremony, where they joined us to commemorate our recognition as Logistics Provider of the Year. Their presence highlighted the depth of our partnership and our collective achievements.

“Partnering with Howard Tenens has really allowed us to grow our customer centric culture. Our collaborative approach creates a true partnership dynamic where both Howard Tenens and ourselves are fully invested in each other’s success. Our teams are seamlessly integrated to optimise operations and make continuous improvements big and small to the experience we are giving our customers. By working closely together, we’ve been able to streamline processes, anticipate challenges, and it has allowed us to be agile and responsive to our customers’ needs.” Paige Barron, Customer Supply Manager, Beavertown Brewery.

A Commitment to Excellence

We remain committed to fostering strong partnerships and driving mutual success through innovation, collaboration, and a focus on customer satisfaction.