A Privately Owned Property Portfolio

We can offer flexibility across our portfolio of sites, please contact us to understand how we can support your property needs

18commercial sites across the UK

3.5 Million+ ft2property portfolio

627,000 ft2of planning permission

Howard Tenens’ growing property portfolio exceeds 3,500,000 sqft, a significant proportion of which is freehold owned providing a flexibility that enables us to tailor our offering to meet specific tenant needs. Options available include warehouse space with the availability of ancillary offices, external storage and commercial parking at a selection of specific sites.

What makes a warehouse space attractive?

Location? Transport accessibility? Room for expansion? We strongly believe it’s all three, which is why we’re proud to offer an eclectic blend of facilities and buildings at prime locations across the UK. Attracting a wide range of tenants, our spaces are further supported by ancillary offices to meet all your operational requirements. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your site is fully secured and maintained to the highest standards.

External storage and commercial parking

Available on a short, flexible or long-term basis, our external storage and commercial parking sites provide a highly secure location for your vehicle fleet. Ideal for businesses affected by seasonal fluctuations, our sites are equipped with full CCTV coverage and security to ensure the safety of your products and vehicles.