12 April 24

UKWA South West Roadshow

Howard Tenens Logistics Hosts UKWA’s South West Road Show at Stroud Brewery

We recently played host to the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) South West Road Show, held at Stroud Brewery. Amidst the fragrance of hops and barley, industry experts and enthusiasts gathered for a day of insights, networking, and, for those interested, an optional brewery tour given by Stroud Brewery.

As a renowned industry body, the UK Warehousing Association represents the interests of the logistics sector, advocating for best practices and facilitating networking opportunities. Our CEO, Jamie Hartles, took centre stage, delivering a compelling talk on people and skills. Jamie delved into the significance of employee engagement initiatives, effective communication strategies, our learning and development programmes, and the unique ethos of being a family-owned business.

Gareth Salisbury from D.Tec spoke, providing great insights into workplace drugs and alcohol. His discussion, which included data, industry trends, and best practices, put light on an important part of workplace safety and management. There were also other panel discussions throughout the day, including one on all things property with five panellists, including Simon Emms, CEO of Howard Tenens Limited. The panel provided a detailed overview of the industry’s present challenges and possibilities, covering topics such as supply and demand dynamics, ESG activities, solar power, and the post-COVID landscape.

Another interesting panel discussed equipment and safety, including topics ranging from technology and innovation to sustainable resources and addressing client expectations. This panel featured Glenn Carroll, Chris Findlay, Adam Francis, and Alex Georgiou. It was an in-depth look at the industry’s future and how these elements are influencing its trajectory.

Attendees gained invaluable insights from our Bond and Compliance Administrator, Clancy Soares, among other knowledgeable guest speakers, who provided comprehensive insights into bonded warehousing—a vital aspect of logistics operations.

The Road Show provided a vibrant platform for like-minded individuals and organisations to get together, exchange ideas, and establish significant connections. Aside from networking, guests were able to participate in enlightening talks, obtaining practical knowledge and concrete solutions for navigating the logistics industry’s ever-changing landscape.

As the logistics sector continues to evolve, such gatherings serve as catalysts for growth. The UKWA South West Road Show was a success, showcasing the innovative and collaborative spirit that embodies the logistics community as a whole, as well as Howard Tenens Logistics.