22 August 23

Howard Tenens Logistics Secures New Contract with Beavertown Brewery

Howard Tenens Logistics are pleased to have been awarded a new contract with Beavertown Brewery. The two companies have enjoyed a positive relationship since the beginning, with both sides recognising the mutual value delivered.

Founded in 2011, Beavertown Brewery is an award-winning brewery based in London, UK. With a commitment to quality and creativity, Beavertown produces a range of unique and exciting beers, like Neck Oil that have won critical acclaim and a loyal following.

The partnership between Howard Tenens Logistics and Beavertown Brewery began when they recognised a need to extend their operational footprint. The Beavertown Brewery team visited Howard Tenens Logistics site in Swindon and immediately felt that the ethos of the company matched their own, making it the right fit. Being a family-owned business offers a strong sense of commitment and dedication with a deep investment in success. Howard Tenens Logistics place high value on building and maintaining relationships with customers and this has proven successful with Beavertown Brewery. The recent acquisition of Beavertown Brewery by Heineken further highlighted the need for a logistics partner who could provide unique and scalable solutions to support their growth. Howard Tenens Logistics, with over 4.5 million square foot of warehouse space and a proven track record in the food and beverage industry, was well-positioned to deliver on this requirement.

Being a family-owned business with over 70 years of experience in the logistics industry, Howard Tenens Logistics has a focus on innovation, sustainability and offers a range of logistics solutions, including warehousing, transport, and value-added services.

Environmental sustainability was one of the key considerations for Beavertown when selecting Howard Tenens Logistics. The level of commitment to sustainability demonstrated by Howard Tenens Logistics was unparalleled, with initiatives such as CNG and HVO vehicles that helped reduce carbon footprint. These efforts were complemented by their targets of achieving Net Zero by 2045 and reducing annualCO2e emissions by 20% by 2030. These goals aligned with Beavertown’s own values, making Howard Tenens Logistics an ideal partner for them.

John Davis from Beavertown Brewery commented: “During the tender process, we were struck by the culture and values of Howard Tenens Logistics. We felt it was a perfect match for our company, as they were forward-thinking, innovative, and environmentally aware, and a family-oriented business. We have had a very positive experience with our working relationship.”

Cost effective solutions for businesses are a top priority at Howard Tenens Logistics. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the services offered at their site in Swindon, which is where Beavertown Brewery operates from. The Swindon site provides support for UK-wide distribution, with inbound support from Enfield and onwards to key delivery points. Howard Tenens implemented a wet bond on site during Beavertown’s onboarding, and since then, they have renewed their BRCGS certification, achieved a level 5 food hygiene rating and is currently going through Soil Association auditing.

Jamie Hartles, Chief Executive Officer of Howard Tenens Logistics added: “We are proud to have been selected by Beavertown Brewery for our commitment to innovation, sustainability initiatives and our overall ethos. Our successful working relationship is a testament to the mutual value that is delivered here at Howard Tenens Logistics. We place a high value on building relationships with our customers and we are happy to continue our relationship with Beavertown. We certainly look forward to delivering exceptional logistics solutions to drive both our businesses forward.“

The working relationship between Howard Tenens Logistics and Beavertown Brewery represents a commitment to a shared vision of growth. Both companies look forward to continuing their collaboration and exploring new opportunities to improve their operations and deliver the highest level of service to their end customers.

About Beavertown 

Beavertown Brewery is dedicated to crafting high quality, innovative beers like Neck Oil IPA, Gamma Ray APA and Lazer Crush Alcohol Free IPA that appeal to the thirsty masses. From brewing to branding, we believe in creativity at the heart of everything we do.

  • At Beavertown, we believe beer is more than just a beer, it’s an experience. That’s why we host weekly Saturday taprooms to give people the chance to taste our carefully crafted beer in its natural habitat, our own Tottenham brewery. 
  • Now 11 years old, Beavertown began life on a 650L kit in a BBQ joint in Haggerston. The brewery in Tottenham Hale produces 5500L batches (or 9,000,000 pints a year) and our new home in Enfield – Beaverworld – will allow Beavertown to produce ten times this, a staggering 90,000,000 pints a year.
  • The official craft beer of Tottenham Hotspur F.C., you can enjoy a crisp pint of your favourite Beavertown brew in our new taproom and microbrewery inside the stadium – the first of its kind.
  • In 2021, Beavertown opened the doors to its first-ever pub, Corner Pin, at the brewery’s home in Tottenham. Popping with vibrant blasts of colour, iconic Beavertown designs and with a menu featuring the whole range of Beavertown’s out-of-this-world beers, Corner Pin encompasses everything that makes the brand unique, bringing all of its creativity and curiosity to the new north London location. 
  • Winner of 3 gold medals at the International Beer Challenge for core range beers Gamma Ray & Neck Oil.