05 December 22

Howard Tenens Logistics Collaborates with Mars for Further HVO Roll Out.

We are proud to announce the further expansion of our Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) strategy to now include fleets based in Andover, Swindon, Boston, Ashby, and Manchester.

The move to HVO is part of our strategy to work with our customers to drive down carbon emissions and help speed up the journey to Net Zero. By switching to HVO, the HGVs will emit 92% less carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions than when running on retail diesel (calculated on a well-to-wheel basis).

One of the key customers involved at our Boston site, Mars, is taking positive action across its business as it seeks to reduce its environmental impact through its Sustainable in a Generation Plan. Mars has committed to reduce total (greenhouse gas) GHG emissions across its value chain by 27 percent by 2025 and achieve Net Zero by 2050 (from 2015 levels).

Darren Mackintosh, European Supply Chain IE, at Mars commented: “We cannot achieve our Net Zero commitment without collaborating with our suppliers or embracing new technology, and this is a great example of both.  We’re proud of this partnership and our combined commitment to finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact.”

Howard Tenens and Mars have a relationship built over 40 years, covering Confectionery, Food and Petfood. The two have worked together over 10 years at Mars Food’s Kings Lynn site specifically, where Mars produce Ben’s Original & Dolmio, with Howard Tenens supporting Mars’ factory clearance through several dedicated vehicles running 24/5.

With continuous improvement and ESG at the heart of Tenens’ strategy, multiple investments have been implemented to further the relationship. For example, Howard Tenens have invested in CNG, Specialist Extra Long Semi Trailers, Double deck trailers, Solar PV and are now proud to unlock HVO as the latest initiative to deliver mutual value for their customer. A reduction of 902 tonnes of CO2 is estimated for this initiative.

The successful rollout of HVO across our sites has led to recognition for our immediate action to reduce carbon emissions, as part of our wider carbon reduction strategy. We have received multiple award finalist positions for sustainability, low carbon, and environmental impact at a variety of institutions including Multimodal, Motor Transport, Logistics UK, and the Gloucestershire Business Awards.

Jamie Hartles, Chief Executive Officer of Howard Tenens Logistics added:

“Howard Tenens’ experience of using HVO has been extremely positive. We have rapidly rolled out this fuel across our bunkered sites, recognising the importance of acting now to reduce our carbon footprint and progress our journey to Net Zero as soon as possible.

HVO is a key element of our carbon reduction strategy, as there are very few solutions in the short to medium term that can deliver such significant carbon savings.

The move to HVO across several of our sites could not have happened without the support of our key clients, including Mars. It is this collaborative approach that has allowed us to create a blueprint that we are optimistic can continue to be rolled out across more of our sites and future environmental developments.”

Find out more about our environmental journey via the video here: Howard Tenens Logistics Environmental Journey.