22 August 22

Howard Tenens Logistics Awarded Strategic Partnership with Planet Organic

Howard Tenens Logistics can confirm a long-term award and strategic partnership with Planet Organic. This follows a recent announcement by Planet Organic regarding the centralisation of their Supply Chain services and significant growth plans.

Planet Organic stores today, receive stock from approximately 200 suppliers per week, with each supplier making individual deliveries to each store. This leads to a highly inefficient and carbon intense supply chain, as well as causing significant disruption to store operations and the customer experience.

Planet Organic has signed an agreement with Howard Tenens Logistics to centralise its Supply Chain into a dedicated distribution centre in Sunbury-on-Thames, which will service all stores daily with a consolidated service.

The unique element to this arrangement is that along with partnering with Planet Organic, as a leading third-party provider, Howard Tenens Logistics has confirmed an intent to invest in Planet Organic as a shareholder. Alongside new and existing shareholders, Planet Organic aims to significantly grow its store base, making such a logistical change, revolutionary for the business and customer offering.

George Dymond, Planet Organic CEO said; “Our Supply Chain today is just not fit for purpose and absolutely not in line with our Planet Organic ethos. By moving to a centralised Supply Chain, we will dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, as well as make our stores much easier to operate and allow our store colleagues to focus on providing great customer service by removing the need to handle so many deliveries every single day”.

Karl Hodgkinson, Managing Director of Howard Tenens Logistics added; “We are delighted with the new award of business and in becoming a strategic partner of Planet Organic. We are excited to form such a key part of the customer proposition and have been impressed by the Planet Organic team and business strategy. With our intent to invest in wider partnership, we can further underpin the principle of delivering mutual value for Planet Organic customers, the conjoined and collaborative partnership with Planet Organic’s management team and our colleagues at Sunbury on Thames. As one of the UK’s leading privately owned logistics providers, delivering mutual value is a core value.”

Through ongoing delivery, learning and development of the Howard Tenens’ – Carbon Reduction Strategy, we will fully support Planet Organic in significantly reducing the carbon footprint/impact of its existing supply chain solution and aim to introduce a number of ESG initiatives as part of the overall integration project, to include key sustainable initiatives such as the application of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) in place of white diesel, offering a 92% reduction in Co2.

This initiative forms part of the wider project to revolutionise the Planet Organic Supply Chain. Planet Organic is expanding the use of its core ERP system from ITIM to introduce sales forecasting, replenishment and purchasing to drive better ordering in store as well as recruiting a new Supply Chain team to oversee the operation. 

George Dymond concludes “We have a big growth agenda. We aim to grow our store portfolio significantly, allowing more consumers to access our great organic products. We are tremendously excited about today’s announcement and opening the distribution centre at Sunbury with Howard Tenens Logistics. They have the expertise, energy and enthusiasm to help us manage our supply chain much more effectively and will leave us to focus on growing our stores and our customer base. By also becoming a shareholder, they are committing, with us, to both grow the business and lower our environmental impact”.

Howard Tenens Logistics look forward to working closely with Planet Organic during what I’m sure will be an exciting and evolutionary period for both companies.