26 January 22

Howard Tenens Logistics renew partnership with Transaid

Howards Tenens Logistics has been a corporate partner of Transaid since October 2019. We are proud to announce that we are renewing our partnership for another year to continue to support a charity that is key to our industry through their work to deliver professional driver training and emergency transport schemes to reduce death and injury on the roads and aid in transporting people to health facilities.

In partnership with Transaid, Howard Tenens Logistics has offered time, expertise and resources to support Transaid’s programmes in professional driver training and access to healthcare.

Howard Tenens Logistics’ CEO, Jamie Hartles comments:

“We are extremely proud to support Transaid. The phenomenal work they undertake makes an enormous difference to countless lives. Their efforts, positive impact and continued drive to make a difference in the world are remarkable.

We are pleased to endorse and support Transaid where possible and look forward to working with them on some of the exciting fundraising events and initiatives they have planned.”

Transaid transforms lives through safe, available, and sustainable transport. They work with partners and governments to solve transport challenges in economically developing countries. Their priority is the people on the ground. The charity believes that every driver should be able to leave for a day’s work and be able to come back home because they received sufficient training, every family should be able to access vital healthcare, and every person should have the opportunities to build the skills they need to transform their future.

Transaid focuses on professional driving training, transport management systems, and rural access to transport. These areas are important to our industry as they help solve two of the biggest transport challenges in economically developing countries, road safety and access to health care. 
Drivers are at risk every time they sit behind the wheel due to a lack of legal enforcement and training, and badly maintained and overloaded vehicles. Through the charity working with governments and partners such as Howard Tenens Logistics, they can enforce driver training programmes, and transform standards and systems to make drivers more competent, vehicles safer and reduce death and injury on the road.

Further examples of the work Transaid have recently been involved in include; the expansion of road safety programmes in Mozambique, new transport planning research projects on Lusaka, and Covid screening for truck drivers in Uganda.

Transaid’s Head of Fundraising, Florence Bearman comments:

“We are delighted that Howard Tenens Logistics has renewed its partnership with Transaid. Partnerships with companies from across the transport and logistics industry are essential to the success of our work, as they enable us to continue to address transport and healthcare challenges in sub-Saharan Africa.

“The generosity and dedication from the team at Howard Tenens Logistics has been invaluable, and we are excited to see what we can continue to achieve together over the next year.”