26 March 20

Covid-19 International Customer Communication

Dear Customer;

Howard Tenens commercial / international office facilities will be operating continuously despite the increasing complexity of the coronavirus situation (COVID-19) in European logistics and International shipping Road, Air & Ocean.

As a global logistics provider, Howard Tenens is constantly working with our partners to continuously monitor local markets and the COVID-19 situation in each country and remain up-to-date on all live and key issues, in an aim to find alternative solutions where possible.

Our goal is to give our customer base maximum insight and transparency into how we manage the day to day and developing situation.

What is the current situation?

Our extensive carrier base is key to us, offering the necessary flexibility to find the best possible solutions in the current situation. We will look to find the right solution at the time of shipping. Our flexible relation with our customers also facilitates us to cope with the current and evolving challenge.

What do we expect in the forthcoming weeks ?

Our clients’ orders remain consistent and likely to grow in certain sectors. As such we anticipate:

  • Cancellation of certain shipments is expected in some non-essential sectors
  • Ad-hoc / spot business requirements will increase significantly
  • Stop-over at loading and unloading points and border crossing posts are expected to increase albeit there may be some relaxation for providers of key services of which Howard Tenens is confirmed as
  • We also have to expect an increase in driver absence due to sick leave, quarantine and do our best to mitigate said risk given increased market place availability due to the current situation
  • Should this result in any increase to shipment / transit time, we politely ask for your understanding and patience
  • We will of course maintain regular contact with you throughout this unprecedented time

What measures have we take to provide you with our service ?

We take all necessary safety precautions as advised by the government while continuing to operate with our home-based colleagues, ensuring Howard Tenens International services remain available to our customers with minimal interruption. This means;

  • Our colleagues are available on e-mail or mobile phone and operating via a secured network
  • Our colleagues will stay in regular contact on a daily basis to detect potential bottlenecks and seek to find a solution or prevention
  • We remain in daily contact with our all global freight partners to keep up to date with available capacities
  • We are monitoring global markets to ensure best practice

On the basis of the information currently available to us, we aim to keep you as informed as possible to include ongoing developments, regulatory measures, regulations and circumstances that will affect the movement of cargoes.

Our Managing Director; Karl Hodgkinson and/or CEO Jamie Hartles are issuing regular customer and colleague updates across the Howard Tenens group so if you are not receiving these, please do let me know so we can add your e-mail address to the mailing list or visit https://www.tenens.com/news on a regular basis to see external updates.

Kind Regards,

Kieron McDonnell