26 March 20

Covid-19 Customer Communication Update

Dear Customer,

I am writing to give you immediate feedback on the actions that Howard Tenens is taking in doing our part to help the people of the United Kingdom beat the coronavirus. In these unprecedented times we must all act as one to literally save lives, whilst recognising that we have a duty to our employees and our customers to continue on in our capacity as a key service supplier.

Boris Johnson was exceptionally clear yesterday evening, instructing all UK citizens to do their part and stay at home where possible. Howard Tenens has been putting in place processes over the past few weeks to enable increased home working, as well as ensuring cleanliness and social distancing are observed on site to ensure that we can keep our employees safe, whilst still servicing our customers at this time of need.

We can update you that we will remain open for business. We will achieve this by:

  1. Sending out a communication to all Howard Tenens Colleagues (completed yesterday evening) that if they cannot work from home then they remain key workers and therefore should report to work as normal tomorrow, unless they have been deemed vulnerable or are self-isolating
  2. Further increasing our cleaning regimes and physical distancing processes across sites, this includes:
    1. Increasing cleaning of welfare areas, on a per use basis
    2. Ensuring all staff stay 2m apart. This means any activity that requires two people to fulfil will stop from tomorrow. We know you will support us in this decision
    3. Ensuring an open door policy and enacting other policies to ensure there is as little requirement for contact of anything which is usually of general use
    4. Thorough cleaning of equipment and workstations pre and post shift per employee

We intend to follow the Prime Minister’s edict to the letter. This will mean some service impacts. Some employees may decide not to turn in for work tomorrow and this may also impact the volume we can receive, despatch and deliver on your behalf. We are incredibly fortunate to have an understanding and supportive customer base and we know we can rely on you to help us through this challenging time.

The situation we face is evolving on a daily basis and we will be able to provide a more complete update tomorrow, but until then please continue to support us to remain operating through these unprecedented times so we can continue to deliver on our commitments to you as much as reasonably practicable.

Any questions you have should be directed to Kieron McDonnel or Pete Evans, Karl Hodgkinson or Jamie Hartles, who are all available to take your call.

Finally we would appreciate it if you share the way this announcement has effected your business as well, so we can share best practice and manage our activities accordingly.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards,

Karl Hodgkinson