19 March 20

Covid-19 Customer Communication

In addition to recent communications regarding Covid-19, Howard Tenens would like to provide a further update and notify you of actions being taken to ensure we remain in the best position possible, to continue delivering our customers’ requirements.

Whilst the impact of Covid-19 is wide reaching, for the future benefit of Howard Tenens and our customer base, we need to ensure that we maintain the highest level of operating standard where practically possible.  In order to do this, we need to have procedures in place to allow us to function as efficiently and effectively as we can over what will be a challenging period.

Regular communication to our colleagues and customer base is essential during this time and will be issued as/when the situation evolves.  We have already taken numerous steps to ensure this and we will continue to review and initiate enhanced precautions and procedures as required to keep all of us safe whilst keeping the business fully operational. We have recorded these collectively in an action plan which is detailed below:

Our Approach;

Howard Tenens has followed the guidance provided from the below sources for the protection of its people, customers and business continuity.

Actions to Date: Communications

  • Communications are being sent specifically in line with Government Guidelines, in a constantly evolving situation
  • Employee communications are intended to be issued weekly to all employees, or immediately after new information is provided
  • Customer communications will be issued regularly and Site Management have been instructed to offer to set up daily calls with all accounts to reiterate our focus on business continuity
  • Daily internal calls with key business individuals are taking place twice daily to discuss all aspects of Covid-19 that could affect multiple areas of the business
  • Business Continuity plans per site are being reviewed, updated and communicated daily

Actions to Date: Sites & Services;

  • Each site has reviewed their Business Continuity Plans in light of Covid-19. This has involved reviewing and preparing/putting in place measures to reduce the risk to the customer due to site specific issues caused by absence due to Covid-19
  • The business has increased levels of cleaning and has as much as possible increased the stock of sanitising wipes available to each site/office as a preventative measure, to ensure business continuity via a preventative approach
  • We are working with cleaning teams who have implemented an increased cleaning regime around common touch points
  • We are maintaining a site register on the status of any colleague who is experiencing any symptoms to reduce the impact of this on other members of staff as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Initial communications have been sent to all customers to highlight measures being taken so far
  • Regular site to customer calls have been set up in addition to usual business review calls

Actions to Date:  Protecting our people who deliver our promise;

  • Those at heightened risk have been requested to advise their Line Manager so we can review the situation accordingly at each site and the effect this would have on activity
  • Any colleagues who are experiencing the virus symptoms are to self-isolate and if their role allows to work from home if they feel well enough to do so
  • To help stem the spread of Coronavirus anyone with, or living with someone who has a cough or temperature is advised to stay at home for 14-days following Government Guidelines
  • Providing support through resources available –Employee Assistance Programmes, Mental Health First Aiders
  • Asking all colleagues to review their personal contact details on the payroll systems/ensure Line Managers are aware of their contact details to ensure they are up-to-date and contact can be maintained in any change of events
  • For internal meetings of any size, consider whether tools such as Microsoft Teams and Skype can be used to reduce social contact
  • All non-essential travel has ceased and all meetings if not business critical will be arranged using remote technology where possible
  • Requesting that all colleagues where applicable take laptops and chargers home, allowing them the capability to work from home
  • Any colleagues returning from holiday to the UK from overseas requested to work from home
  • IT processes have been heightened to assist in providing the ability to work from home, including provisions for those whose role is ordinarily carried out from the office. As a contingency plan, measures are being prepared for key individuals to have the option to work from home to maintain ‘business as usual’

Next Steps;

  • We will communicate any key messages, updates and instructions to colleagues and customers as agreed in our internal daily communications/calls – Also see above link to Howard Tenens news page https://www.tenens.com/news
  • Continue to review how best we can ensure continuity of service to our customers
  • We will continue to implement all Government and business measures to reduce the exposure of colleagues across the organisation

The actions we are taking will allow us to be in the strongest possible position as we move into more stable times. Our first priority remains the health and welfare of our colleagues and those closest to them and we will not do anything to jeopardise that. 

Equally, we must ensure the business remains as robust as possible and all of the information provided above supports and details the practicalities of how we maintain the business through the next few months. Please be assured that we value our relationships with all of our customers and are working hard to protect you, especially those experiencing unprecedented volume changes, whether that be increases or decreases.

We will continue to provide the high quality supply chain solutions you have become accustomed to for as long as the Government guidelines allow us to and will of course communicate throughout the process as much or as little as you require.