What is Equality

Achieving an inclusive culture

Paulina Stanislawska

Administator and Team Leader

What is your experience of working at Howard Tenens Logistics?

I am responsible for my team, for the administration and for my chocolate customer here at Ashby. I started working on site two years ago as a picker. Then, the management team noticed me and I moved into admin. Now I’m Team Leader and, from next month, I will start my new journey as a Supervisor.

Is there a career path you can follow?

There’s lots of opportunity to progress within the company. I have only been here a relatively short space of time, yet have gained experience in several areas of the business and been rewarded with additional responsibility and promotion.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

The best part of my job is collaborating with my team and the management. As a Warehouse Administrator, I also had the opportunity to have contact with our customer, which is important.

Should women consider a career in the transport industry?

As a woman working in logistics, I haven’t noticed any differences between job prospects for either men or women. I have had the same opportunities to progress as anyone else.

Has diversity within Howard Tenens Logistics been a good thing?

We have people from different countries, cultures and age ranges, but at the end of the day we bring our ideas together and that’s what makes our team successful.

Would you recommend working at Howard Tenens Logistics?

Anyone thinking about a career in logistics should go for it. We have great people, a good atmosphere and great opportunities.