What is Equality

Achieving an inclusive culture

Natasha Blackshaw

Warehouse Administrator

How long have you worked at Howard Tenens Logistics?

I’ve been at the company for six years and undertaken various roles including health and safety, coffee, food and beverages; and garden furniture. Right now, my role is the warehouse administrator. No one day is ever the same – that’s what makes it so interesting.

Did you come straight into the transport industry?

No. I came from a beauty industry background. I had never thought about a career in logistics, but having been in it, I would not change it for the world. Not only have I furthered my knowledge, but I’ve made some great friends for life.

Do you get job satisfaction?

I love my job. Every day I’m doing different things and facing new challenges – my mind is always on the go! As well as the day-to-day tasks, we also get involved in some outside work including supporting local charities. This includes taking and distributing food parcels to food banks around the locality. We feel that it’s important to support the local community.

Is there a good team spirit at Howard Tenens Logistics?

Within the company we have a wide range of diversity. We have staff from all over the country, which really helps with the language barrier when it comes to dealing with customers and drivers. This makes it such a great place to work because everyone is willing to chip in and help out. Not only is Howard Tenens Logistics a good company to be a part of, but you’re helped to further your career through outside courses, or receiving training that takes place ‘on-site.