What is Equality

Achieving an inclusive culture

George Nicolau

Warehouse Supervisor

How long have you worked for Howard Tenens Logistics?

I started seven years ago as a re-worker in the packing areas and now I’m in a senior position working for one of our main customers.

Is Howard Tenens Logistics a good place to work?

I would recommend the company to anyone looking for an opportunity to develop a career with real prospects - I’m living proof of this. The company looks after its employees and there is a good team spirit here.

Do you enjoy your job?

Of course. What makes me excited to come to work every day is meeting the challenges and opportunities – dealing with any problems that emerge and then finding the solutions. Howard Tenens Logistics has given me the opportunity to see the business from different points of view and I have learnt a lot from working in different areas of the company and through my day-to-day work with customers.

Have your experiences at work been useful elsewhere?

Overcoming work challenges every day of your life bring with it experiences that can be applied when dealing with general situations that come up in your life. It works both ways, my background is also helpful to me in the work that I do.

What has working at Howard Tenens Logistics given you?

It has given me the opportunity to progress and develop. I’ve learnt a lot working here and will continue to do so, which is what makes the job so fulfilling.