What is Equality

Achieving an inclusive culture

Beth Powell

Contract Manager

Is your job as Contract Manager a challenging one?

It has its moments. As part of my role, I’m looking at continuous improvement initiatives throughout the site here in Swindon, whilst also looking at numerous ways to improve productivity and efficiency.

What is the best part of the job?

It’s the people that I work with – specifically here in Swindon we have a very strong female presence on our leadership team and throughout the operation, which is extremely inspiring and empowering to be around.

Is Howard Tenens Logistics a progressive company?

Definitely. I have been lucky enough to experience numerous roles within the business. I started on projects, onboarded a new customer here at Swindon, before moving on to secondment at Sharpness, working on continuous improvement initiatives with a customer we had on site.

Is Howard Tenens Logistics an equal opportunities employer?

Definitely. It is focused on the welfare of its employees and there are so many diverse roles available for people of different genders and different ages. I would highly recommend anyone to take up a career in logistics – it’s a great industry to work in.

If you work hard can you progress within the company?

Yes, of course. Throughout my career at Howard Tenens Logistics, they have supported my development through numerous training programmes and secondment. I have had exposure to various roles within the business and the different opportunities that come along with them. I work alongside extremely dedicated and motivated individuals, who have supported me throughout each step of my journey so far.