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Haulage & Distribution

At Howard Tenens, we have an extensive transport network that provides haulage and distribution throughout the UK, every day. No matter what your transport requirements are, at Howard Tenens we’re confident that we can meet them.

Howard Tenens Road Transport

If you’re looking for a road transport logistics company, then Howard Tenens has the expertise, systems and network to deliver. Our haulage company has 157 vehicles and 394 trailers which are run by our transport teams and supported by our technologically advanced transport management system which provides group visibility and vehicle tracking.

Why Choose Howard Tenens for Your Transport Needs?

At Howard Tenens, we believe that our innovative approach to transport logistics mean that we are able to stay ahead of our competitors. Plus, as a privately-owned UK transport company, we always ensure that our professionalism and reliability is our priority, meaning our customers only receive exemplary levels of service.

With an extensive UK transport network inclusive of contract logistics management, our distribution company has the capability and capacity to deliver your business’s logistics needs. This is why we are the logistics provider of choice for our impressive customer portfolio when it comes to fulfilling their distribution requirements.

If you need any further information, simply call us on 08702 415640, or look at our case studies to see what we can do for you. 

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