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Logistics Company UK

Our customers expect the highest level of service, value for money and continuous improvement from their chosen logistics provider

As a family-owned logistics company in the UK we are proud of our service standards, professionalism and reliability. Our innovative approach as a logistics partner allows our clients to remain ahead of their competitors.

Our property portfolio enables us to flex storage and handling resource for scalability at peak times and reduce during quieter periods. It is this level of flexibility in which we pride ourselves, which often other logistics companies cannot. We are also able to increase and decrease our distribution resource base when required through our depot network and partner sub-contractors.

Our experience and dedicated management team are targeted to be proactive, working alongside our customers to ensure we tackle challenges together. We regularly review our logistics solutions to drive efficiencies through continuous improvement initiatives where possible. 

Here at Howard Tenens, we have an impressive customer base for which we run complex and large scale contract logistics operations. From third party logistics services to reverse logistics, we have every option covered. 


Our property portfolio of over 3,000,000 ft2 and market experience means we can provide storage space almost anywhere in the UK. Our key business channels are food and drink, FMCG, automotive, forest products and ambient requirements, all supported by a robust and advanced WMS.

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With an extensive transportation network we can cater for requirements throughout UK. Our fleet of 157 vehicles and 394 trailers are run by our transport teams and supported by our advanced transport management system which provides Group visibility of all vehicle movements.

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Contract Logistics

We have an impressive customer base for whom we run complex and large scale contract logistics operations. Customers prefer our high quality, scalable, reliable and value for money solutions as well as our partnership approach to continuous improvement.

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