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Contracted Third Party Logistics

Here at Howard Tenens, we have an impressive customer base for which we run complex and large scale contract logistics operations. From third party logistics services to reverse logistics, we have every option covered.

Our customers regularly praise our skills as a contract logistics company, recommending our high quality, scalable, reliable and value for money services. On top of all this, we are also known for our partnership approach, which allows us to continuously improve our contract logistics services, driving efficiencies and cost savings.

Why Choose Howard Tenens for Your Third Party Logistics?

With national storage facilities, an extensive UK transport network and contract logistics management on offer, we are confident that our innovative approach to contracted transport means that we are able to stay ahead of our competitors and provide the best option to our customers.

If your business has seasonal peaks and troughs, then we’re the perfect choice. Our property portfolio enables us to flex for scalability at peak times and reduce during quieter periods. We are also able to increase and decrease our distribution resource base when required by drawing on our depot network and partner sub-contractors. This means we will always be able to meet your requirements.

In addition, as a privately-owned business, we make sure that professionalism and reliability is our priority, meaning our customers only receive exemplary levels of service.

If you need any further information then just give us a call on 08702 415640, or look at our case studies to see what our customers are saying about our services.  

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